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your new pool heater's electrical cord/conduit/whip will be replaced, even the connectors will be replaced. Also, we'll make sure to properly bond your new heater to the bonding grid.

comm wire

(for systems with pool automation controls) we'll connect the communications wire from your new pool heater to the system control panel.


we'll install new unions to your new heater. also, we always include a new corrosion resistant check valve with our installation. Branded check valves are also available

gas line

we'll make sure to connect your gas line with a new galvanized union, sediment trap, and we'll we'll even replace the gas shut-off valve.


we can typically bring the new pool heater and install it by the next day from when the order is placed.


sending us a picture of your current pool heater setup will help us help you in finding the right replacement heater. also, it'll remove the need for us to do an on-site inspection which will speed up the process. speaking of pictures, if you're not home, we can send you updates throughout the installation by way of pictures.


after the installation, we'll take care of registering you new pool heater with the manufacturer to secure your extended warranty. we will always install a pool heater according to code and the manufacturer's specifications. Ask us how you can extend the warranty even more!


we believe that your new investment should also come with new fittings, that is, new gas line, new check valve, and a new conduit line to replace the materials from the old heater. quality is doing things right, and not just plugging in the new heater to the old heater's fittings. our Whale done work takes approximately 3-4 hours.

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